Support services for Entrepreneurs

Budding entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their own business in the city of London will need a lot of help and support to get them started. In this tough and highly competitive modern business world there are many pitfalls that people who are unprepared can succumb to. Luckily, there is plenty of support available for those that know where to look.

The British Government offers both financial assistance and other types of support to help advance entrepreneurs operating in the city of London. A wide range of different support networks have been put in place to aid and assist entrepreneurs with various elements of their business. The various fields that the government offers support with include marketing strategies, manufacturing processes, guidance in legal matters, technical matters and design implementation.

The government employs a team of experienced mentors, who are available to provide entrepreneur with coaching to help them to improvise their businesses. Special programmes are available that focus on helping businesses to achieve accelerated growth. Coaching programmes cover essential bases such as market research, performance benchmarking, investment innovation and training skills for workforce.

Business collaboration networks have been established by the government to help London-based entrepreneurs to network with like-minded business people. Entrepreneurs can also join innovation networks, which enable the sharing of technology as well as provide support with market exploitation and chain management.

People who are seeking advice on manufacturing and performance enhancement can apply to the Manufacturing Advisory Service in Euston Square and Designing Demand in Covent Garden. These two councils have been established by the government to provide support, while UK Business Incubation aims to create successful entrepreneurship in London by helping to identify and establish the correct working environment.

People who need to develop certain skills before launching their business can take one of the special training programmes that are offered by Train to Gain. The team at Train to Gain works closely with participants to identify and develop the skills that are essential in order to be successful in the business world. People who take part in one of these training programmes will benefit by an improvement in the level of their productivity, profits, motivation and morale.

The British Government also supports environmentally friendly and socially beneficial entrepreneurship. One of the ways in which it has done this is by putting the Low Carbon Energy Demonstration in place to offer entrepreneurs the funds they need to develop technology that promotes using a lower level of carbon.

Many of the leading business schools in London also offer support to entrepreneurs. The London Business School in Regents Park offers support in a number of different ways through special services and initiatives. These include business plan services, an entrepreneurship summer school programme and a whole host of specially organised clubs and committees. Other educational institutions that offer support services for entrepreneurs include London South Bank University in SE1 and Kingston University in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London.

People who are planning to establish a business in the east of London should contact the East London Small Business Centre, who have been dedicated to supporting small businesses in this area of London for more than twenty years. People who visit the East London Small Business Centre can sign up to take a special training course, which is provided free of charge. People who choose to take this course will meet with an experienced business adviser, who will provide one-to-one business advice. The East London Small Business Centre also offers entrepreneurs funding and the support that they need to establish and develop their business. Some of the other complimentary support services that are on offer include assistance in developing a practicable business plan and advice on marketing, taxation and human resources.

All of these various schemes and programmes have been put in place to help make sure that entrepreneurs have all the support they need. With a little help and assistance starting a business can be made simpler and lot of fun at the same time.